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My name is Drake Theroux and I am committed to providing the training, care, and stimulation your pets need.

Does your dog listen to you? Does your dog follow your lead, or does your dog just do what he or she wants? Does your dog pee in the house or drag you around during walks? Does your dog have significant training needs? Does your dog suffer from phobias, obsessive barking habits, disobedience, anxiety, aggression, depression, fearfulness, hyperactivity, laziness, or just undesirable behavior in general. Do you have a new puppy in need of guidance or basic training? Fear not! Every problem has a solution, which I am here to provide.

I am available during evenings and weekends to help you and your dog overcome the challenges you may be facing. These private sessions are performed in your home/yard, while walking or hiking, and/or where ever your dog's problem or favorite areas may be. Please call or email for rates and to make an appointment.

Dogs thrive on exploring and experiencing nature. On our hikes I encourage dogs to approach the world with curiosity and confidence, while patiently training them throughout. Our off-leash group hikes through the East Bay Regional Parks are a great way for your dogs to enlarge their circle of friends, stimulate their senses, and get fantastic exercise. We hike for about .5 - 1.5 hours, depending on the weather and the capabilities of the least capable member of the pack.

I conduct 2 hiking groups each day, Monday - Friday.

phone: 510-710-0239



Bruce was found wandering Oakland in June of 2014. He had mange and a piece of twine tied around him like a harness.

Bruce is very silly, loyal, and obedient. His specialties include fetch, eating, sniffing your pants, and rolling around on his back (Bang!). He's pretty good at being a watch dog, but mostly just wants to chew on his toys and snuggle. Other male dogs are usually not his friends, but he loves all girl dogs and is happy playing with them for hours. He also really likes people.

Bruce is house trained, can hold it for as long as necessary, and is comfortable sleeping in a crate. He is not neutered, but don't worry, he won't hump your leg.

If you'd like to meet Bruce, just call or email Drake. He'll be happy to set up an introduction :)

Bruce Bruce Bruce

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